Bremach Upgrades T. Rex Variant

Bremach T. Rex 6 Bremach Upgrades T. Rex Variant

Bremach T. Rex 4 Bremach Upgrades T. Rex Variant

Bremach T. Rex 23 Bremach Upgrades T. Rex Variant

Bremach has announced that it has made a grand success by upgrading new heavy vehicle called T. Rex. It is weighty but its working performance is comparatively higher than other vehicles of Bremach series. This T. Rex vehicle is electric powered and energy efficient. EV car is suitable to off-road journey. This newly upgraded truck is equipped with a conventional Chevrelot V8 petrol fed powertrain inclusive of 6-speed manual / 5-speed automatic gear box. The large size truck can run via highways.

The electric powered truck can generate 134hp at the rate of 0rpm. This truck is also able to cover 150 miles. Bemach offer 3 years’ warranty with the product. T. Rex truck is loaded with durable chassis with four wheelbases which are further upgraded with tire bands. Electric powered vehicles perform in more systematic way. Bremach truck has also convertible system which includes a durable hardtop chassis and durable bonnet. T. Rex vehicle with four doors option is eco-friendly and energy efficient. The suspension dampers are workable to check road friction. Fenders are located just close to wheelbases to give safeguards to car wheels from mud water. There is perfect arrangement of air passage which smoothes the way of entry of fresh air into the interior space of the car. The car seats are retractable, and adjustable with attractive jet black colored leather upholsters. This truck is attached with spacious wagon station with boot lid.

At the initial stage, this new truck is available for $120,000 plus other VAT charges. This truck is also upgraded with sun visors, inset glass mirror setting on both sides. The front windshield wipers come handy to remove moistures and water runnels smoothly increasing the clarity and transparency. The front facelift of the car is beautifully designed with air inlets, flexible and detachable grilles inclusive of fluorescent headlamps for assisting drivers to drive the truck competently at night.

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