Citroen DS5 Car – Combination of Crossover and SportsCorvette

123 Citroen DS5 Car – Combination of Crossover and SportsCorvette

57 Citroen DS5 Car – Combination of Crossover and SportsCorvette

Citroen DS5 car has beendesigned emulating two special car models C4 and C5 variants.  This time, the company has a future plan toincrease the exterior aesthetic quality to a great extent. Mind blowing colorwill be applied to paint the outer hull of the car compartment for betterappearance.  The presentability program willbe conducted by a team of experts whose main job is to reshape and rebuild the carusing superb and high quality tools and accessories.   DS5 edition measures 4.52 meters LX1.50HX1.85W.

Though the car  has been designed and tuned based  on the C-Sport  Lounge  vehicle, designers have borrowed  somespecial features from DS4 in terms of interior space and inner beauty ofthe  car.  Like DS4 version, this car is spacious withenlarged compartment.  Inside the cabinof the car, there are specially tuned and upgraded car accessories likeretractable car seats, leather insulated upholsters, and floor carpets.   According to technical specialists, this new caris the combined model of crossover of C-Sport Lounge and hatchback system ofDS4.   The front facelift of the car isalso designed with grilles, air inlets and properly adjustable headlamps.    Under the bonnet, there are powertrain,automatic transmission tools, and suspension dampers. Inside the car there willbe a number of well decorated car accessories like sun visors, a well designeddashboard, glass windshields with wipers, odometer for distance measurementalong with electronic nav system.

In an official statement, thecompany’s CEO has told reporters that Citroen DS5 variant will be found in Franceand later in European countries for meeting the basic requirements of carusers. This car will have fantastically designed steering wheel, inset glassmirrors, sun visors and electronic infotainment system. The car has no tendencyto pollute the air by spewing chemical contaminants, dark and black smoke. Noris it able to disturb others by releasing ear-splitting sound. This new vehicleis eco-friendly.

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