FAB Design SLS Gullstream details and photos

FAB Design SLS Gullstream 11 FAB Design SLS Gullstream details and photos

FAB Design SLS Gullstream 10 FAB Design SLS Gullstream details and photos

FAB Design SLS Gullstream 23 FAB Design SLS Gullstream details and photos

A Swiss car tuner has taken the task to upgrade the car in majestic way. Mercedes SLS AMG or Gullstream car tuning kit will contain different types of accessories which are essential for the improvement of the car. At a conference, a team of experts on behalf of the company have told reporters that Gull stream car tuning package/kit is absolutely sophisticated and more eco-friendly.

Experts have admitted that this new car up gradation kit or Gull stream is packed with front bumper, day light running lamps inclusive of fenders to give protection to the car wheel bases. The flexible fenders are suitable to give the complete safe guards to the car wheelbases from mud and weather roughness.

The car tuning accessory or Gull stream provides a number of car up gradation tools like odometer fordistance measurement, street navigation system to check the road condition at night along with speedometer for monitoring speed. The expandable and foldable car seats with reclining features are durable and high in quality. FAB car up gradation kit has also been developed with a long lasting sports exhaust system. Carbon emission is controlled by installing a new set of carbon reduction tools under the hood.

This new car up gradation kit ensures the better quality of the tools which must have excellent warranty options. Torque delivered by car engine is around 690 NM at the rate of 4600rpm. FAB SLS Gull stream project has been designed by experts for the acceleration of efficiency of the engine. The sprinting time of the vehicle is 3.6seconds to touch 100 km/h. There are other salient features of this car which must have low co-efficiency rate along with carbon emission controlling system. In the driver’s cockpit, there are infotainment accessories and street navigation systems for the safety of the car. This newly updated car tuning accessories are environment-friendly. The car will not maximize the production of carbon laden smoke at the time of car running.

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