Fiat Linea Futuristic Car with Eco-Friendly Drivetrain Tools

14 Fiat Linea Futuristic Car with Eco Friendly Drivetrain Tools

23 Fiat Linea Futuristic Car with Eco Friendly Drivetrain Tools

In an official statement, Fiat management group has declared that the company has the special plan to launch theme cars at affordable price range.   Two futuristic cars will be soon launched into the market for providing surplus benefits to the car users. Fiat Linea is the theme model and Fiat will have to update this car using the new technology.

Fiat Linea edition is also aerodynamic in design.  One of the official spokesperson of Fiat has stated specifically that this new futuristic vehicle is compatible and capable of vying with   Honda City, Volkswagen Vento and Fiesta.  This specially upgraded saloon car will be equipped with a number of sophisticated tools and car accessories.

Fiat Linea will be upgraded with a 1.6 liter Multijet as well as 1.3 capacitated Multijet engines.  The energy efficient automatic transmission tools inclusive of suspension dampers exhaust tube, and carbon dispersion or filtration system.  Powertrain is capable of increasing the torque amount by generating 290 NM torque with 105 bhp for the activation of the car. DuaLogic automatic power transmitting accessory will be installed into the car.

Other technical details are upgraded electronic infotainment, nav system, and climate checking accessories which will gear up the efficiency of the car. The front facelift of the cab will be decorated with adjustable headlamp fixtures, bumpers and grilles which are trapezoidal in shape. Durable car compartment is solid and long lasting.  The boot lid of the car is flexible to operate. This new futuristic vehicle is available in a number of eye-catching color shades like black and other blended color shades.  The interior condition of the car is remarkable.  The engine of the car is durable, efficient and eco-friendly.  The car wheels are wrapped with smooth and high quality rubber tire bands. The carbon emission level of the car is low.

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