Ford Focus ECOnetic Energy-Efficient Vehicle

2012 ford focus econetic 3 Ford Focus ECOnetic Energy Efficient Vehicle

2012 ford focus econetic 1 Ford Focus ECOnetic Energy Efficient Vehicle

2012 ford focus econetic Ford Focus ECOnetic Energy Efficient Vehicle

Ford Focus ECOnetic variant will be launched into the market very soon. This vehicle is for those who love sophisticated spacious cars for safe storage of artifacts and luggage accessories. Ford Focus ECOnetic edition has been developed with tailgate lid option. The adjustable wagon station is enlarged and durable for ensuring better entry and exit options. Ford Focus ECOnetic version is also equipped with Ford Duratorq TDCi diesel fueled powertrain which is more efficient and capable of generating 105 hp. Sophisticated diesel injection system in right combination with turbocharger, inclusive of suspension dampers have been mated to the car in order.

The carbon emission rate is comparatively low because of the usage of updated tools and car accessories to reduce the carbon. There are other essential parts of the car. According to the experts, this car is also efficient due to the availability of drive-train, carbon diffuser, struts, gear box and carbon reduction devices. The suspension dampers are eco-friendly and capable of providing power to car wheels via easy to maintain automatic transmission tool. The fuel consumption rate is low. Drag-in-co-efficiency rate is low and therefore the car runs smoothly forcing its way through the strong blow of wind.

Inside the car compartment, there are retractable car seats with leather upholsters plus electronic nav systems. There is also upgraded infotainment system which can erase dejection by providing option to play music while car passengers travel by the car. The exterior texture of the car cabin is well painted in eye-catching color shades in right combination with adjustable trapezoid shaped grilles at the frontal section of the vehicle. Prominent fluorescent lamps provide eye adjustable light to watch road during night. This car is also eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The durable dashboard, steering wheel, console, inset glass mirrors on both sides have been added to the car tuning kit so that the car can be more attractive.

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