Ford India to Launch 2012 Ford Focus Sedan Car

2012 Ford Focus Ford India to Launch 2012 Ford Focus Sedan Car

2012 Ford Focus 1 Ford India to Launch 2012 Ford Focus Sedan Car

Ford India has made special programs to gift 2012 Ford Focus sedan car next year. According to team of technical specialists, the new Ford Focus car will be more attractive, energy efficient and colorful. This fuel economic vehicle will have a set of new car upgradation tools.

At a conference, the company’s CEO has told reporters that after the successful premier of 2011 Ford Fiesta variant in August or July, the futuristic car under the brand name of 2012 Ford Fiesta will be launched to the market for the benefit of the car users.

The structure of this futuristic Ford Fiesta model will be solid, resilient and beautiful in design. The car will have properly upgraded internal combustion systems and other tuning tools. Power train of the new car will be more energy efficient and competent to deliver the torque in adequate percentage for activating car wheels. There are other car accessories like suspension dampers, struts, carbon diffuser sand other internal accessories like clam shaft, drive-train package and automatic transmission kit.

The main objective of the automatic transmission is to deliver power to the car wheels for smooth car running. Same way, the clutch gear is really workable. While analyzing the technical configuration of this theme car, experts have told reporters that the vehicle will be upgraded with the modern engine which supplies 160 bhp. The car is propelled by gasoline product. The car compartment is durable and packed with a number of sophisticated car upgradation accessories like the odometer for distance measurement, tire pressure checking tools, street nav system along with easy to care infotainment system.

On the other hand, the cockpit of the car is also upgraded with dashboard, glass mirror casings and a steering wheel. The vehicle is also equipped with a number of interior car décor items. Perfectly adjustable sun visors are conducive to the protection of the eyes of the car passengers from the direct hit of sunlight. Experts will take care of the carbon reduction system by installing upgraded tools to minimize the severity of carbon emission.

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