GMC Yukon Hybrid, An Exciting Vehicle

2011 GMC Yukon Hybird 2 GMC Yukon Hybrid, An Exciting Vehicle

2011 GMC Yukon Hybird 4 GMC Yukon Hybrid, An Exciting Vehicle

2011 GMC Yukon Hybird 1 GMC Yukon Hybrid, An Exciting Vehicle

AutoWeek, Edmunds, The Truth about Cars, CNET and The Auto Channel have found GMC Yukon luxuriously designed and have mentioned that this hybrid version is retaining its efficient power to offer an exclusive interior accommodating 8 passengers. There are amazing twelve way front leather seats that are not only adjustable but also offer ultimate comfort with optimal heating and cooling.

Moreover, there is a fabulous audio system of Bose that purely offers an unbeatable sound and a system of navigation integrated with camera at rear. NavTraffic with XM of Real Time is simply exceptional. Its exteriors offer an improvement of aerodynamic with reshaping of hood that is subtle aluminium. There are also resistive tires with unique wheels sported with chrome of 8 spoke which are 22 inch contributing to least drag. However the other options that can be incorporated are sunroof, DVD for the seats at rear etc.

Under Yukon’s optimal users can find a 6 liter engine with V-8 as well as management of fuel that is thoroughly active. The integrated AFM will shut the four powerful cylinders whenever required. The electric drive of Yukon which is coupled with hybrid system of GM that was developed not only with BMW but also Daimler Chrysler can deliver an amazing 27 miles per hour. The negative factors revealed were though vehicle is large as well as comfortable but driver’s seat may not be that comfortable. There is noise of cabin which gets heightened when folded. And a gym bag that is equipped at back of third row is little odd though seats can be removed to offer an immense cargo space of 109 cubic feet as reported by Car and Driver. Overall as indicated by Auto Press this car is magnificent not only in its interior but also in its acceleration, power, economy of fuel, handling as well as braking.

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