Hyosung 650R and ST7 Versions to Be Launched in India

2009HyosungGT650Rfront thumb Hyosung 650R and ST7 Versions to Be Launched in India

Hyosung has come to Indiawith the sole purpose of satisfying Indian customers by gifting sophisticatedtwo wheelers which will be available in the forms of Hyosung 650R and Hyosung ST7street hawks. The engine specificationsof these two Hyosung 650R and Hyosung ST7 models are V Twin engines, automatictransmission, suspension dampers, fenders, wheelbases with the tire bands andcarbon diffusers. These new models willhave good speed. In Indian market, such super fast vehicles will be seen. 650R is a type of sports bike which isequipped with flexible gear changes, accelerators and excellent startingsystem.

As per the claims of theexperts, Hyosung 650R bike will have 4 stroke with DOHC configured unit. Gas isthe main source of fueling the vehicle. 6-speed manual will be mated to theengine. VTwin powertrain is reallyworkable with salient features. Soft and resilient seats are also adjustableand detachable. The street hawk runs fast discarding air pressure to reach thedestination in time. The properly adjusted bike will have low co-efficiencyrate along with properly maintained drive-train. This bike doesn’t contaminateair by releasing fumes and black smoke. The durable and solid body of the bike will have carbon reductionsystem. Durable wheelbases with tire bands are capable of bearing with jerks. Thereare eight valves which will be installed in order. Carbon emission rate will be minimal andnegligible.

Hyosung ST7 edition is moreor less similar to the Hyosung 650R version. Durable and energy efficient VTwin engine, 4 strokes and other modified tools of this edition are noticeable.Besides, dual hydraulic brake disc system has been installed into bike toregulate speed and increase the stability. Two models are really eco-friendly and fueleconomic. Both roadsters are efficientto cover several miles without disturbing the human cycles. Fuel consumptionrate of these two bikes is low and under manipulation.

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