Japanese Automobile Industry Affected Severely by Natural Calamity

P1J04385s Japanese Automobile Industry Affected Severely by Natural Calamity

Japan has now become a nightmare to automakers who are experiencing a crisis due to natural calamity. In a news release, Japanese higher authority has expressed its grave concern over the negative impact of the natural calamity and constant weather roughness on the Japanese automobile industry. Tsunami and earth tremors take place frequently in different parts of Japan. Strong irresistible wind followed by heavy rain puts the automobile industry in danger.

For the last couple years globally recognized Japanese automakers like Toyota, Hyundai, and Lexus have been forcing their ways through piles of obstacles in making new cars. They have already faced huge financial loss to date. According to researchers, till now, 500,000 cars have been demolished due to tremor. On Richter scale, the severity of the earthquake is massive. Tsunami is also responsible to force the Japanese companies to stop manufacturing their theme cars.

In an interview, one of the official spokesperson of Toyota has admitted that natural calamity, frequent land slide and other shortcomings have put obstruction on the Japanese firms to expand their business. Car premiere shows are often cancelled due to storm. Japan has become a hotspot to assist automakers to get exposed to international market. That’s why; this type of occlusion will definitely affect the international automobile industry. At the same time, many new companies in Japan are planning to shift their firms and subsidiaries to other Asian countries like India and South Korea.

Especially, battery manufacturing units in Japan are severely affected by Tsunami and land slide. Lithium ion battery can be dampened and short circuited due to exposure to dampness, and moisture. Rain water can do havoc damage to lithium ion batteries. For this reason, if the Japanese government doesn’t pay heed to this problem, Japan will have to bear loss in future. Japanese cars are popular and people prefer Japanese sports sedan cars inclusive of convertible coupe, saloon, crossover, SUV and corvettes with roofless features.

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