Jeep Compass SUV – More Eco-friendly and Competent

Jeep Compass UK Jeep Compass SUV – More Eco friendly and Competent

Jeep Compass UK 2 Jeep Compass SUV – More Eco friendly and Competent

Jeep Compass UK 5 Jeep Compass SUV – More Eco friendly and Competent

Jeep Compass SUV 2011 car model looks attractive. This sports utility vehicle has been modified and tuned using the latest technology. Experts have put special focus on the exterior design as well as the technical upgradation of the powertrain and suspension dampers. The jip will be sold in the UK from 15th instant.

At a press conference, official spokespersons on behalf of the company have told the reporters that overall modification of the car has been done in more organized way. The car compartment has been built using light metal sheets and eco-friendly car décor items. The Compass variant will be found in UK car showrooms in four different trims. There will be various powertrains and other upgradation accessories which will accelerate the structural aesthete of this new edition. In a press release, the company’s CEO has claimed that there are three different types of powertrains. Out of three, two engines will be propelled by petrol whereas one single engine is supposed to be fed by petrol. The petrol fed powertrain will be 2.0 liter capacitated and this engine will have capability to provide 158 hp along with 191 NM torque for activating wheelbases. In addition, 5-speed gear box can be added to the car cabin to increase the efficiency. 2.4 liter capacitated engine generates 172 horsepower and 223.7 NM torque.

2.2 liter diesel supported engine provides 134 and 161 horsepower options at different levels. Experts have also stated clearly while giving the technical specifications in details that this newly built Compass sports utility vehicle has been tuned with other excellent features like low carbon emission rate, easy to operate cabin doors inclusive of sophisticated electronic infotainment accessories. The remote controlled climate monitoring device and odometer for distance measurement are also essential parts of this car. There will be uniformity in the installation of car accessories like sun visors, tire pressure measuring device, nav systems in unison with speedometer plus windshield wipers which will accentuate the overall elegance and aesthete of the SUV jip. This SUV jip will have 3 years warranty scheme for car users.

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