Kizashi Apex Concept Variant with EcoCharge HybridTechnology

181 1024x682 Kizashi Apex Concept Variant with EcoCharge HybridTechnology

120 1024x682 Kizashi Apex Concept Variant with EcoCharge HybridTechnology

The introduction of KizashiApex Concept variant is undoubtedly a revolution in the segment of eco chargehybrid vehicles.  Kizashi Apex Conceptvehicle is dynamic, beautiful with properly adjusted aerodynamiccompartment.   EcoCharge Hybridtechnology is beneficial to the car users who can save fuel. This technologyminimizes the fuel wastage.  This carwill run swifter reaching the topmost speed.

Kizashi Apex Concept is a sportsvehicle which has turbocharged power generating unit for the smooth delivery oftorque and power to the rear wheels of the car via automatic transmissiondevice. An upgraded 2.4 liter capacitated four cylinder powertrain is more eco-friendlyand efficient. Garret turbo unit has made the vehicle more sophisticated andcompetent.  The torque supply from thepowerplant to the wheels of the car is ensured via automatic transmission. Thecar is also equipped with air cooling and filtering device. At the same time,there is another electronic booster to optimize the efficiency of the engine. KizashiApex Concept model is also equipped with powertrain which works efficiently todeliver torque in sufficient volume to recharge the car wheels.

In a special press release,the top brass of Suzuki confirmed the maximum production of the horsepowerwhich can hover around 275 and 300 hp with a topmost boosting reaching 8.5psi. Thespecialty of the car design is also evident as experts have taken the designsuperbike  of Suzuki lineup. The Kizashi ApexConcept car has been built using the modern technology and ultra modern tools.The car is also equipped with LED foglamps, HID headlamp setting and perfectlyupgraded car wheels.  High quality andglossy Alcantara leather accessories have been used to design the car seats.Color contrast of the vehicle is excellent. There are also odometer, tire measurement accessories, and street nav systemsin the car cabin. The carbon release rate of this new model is comparatively verylow

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