Lancia Ypsilon Variant- With Excellent Features

2011 Lancia Ypsilon 4 Lancia Ypsilon Variant  With Excellent Features

2011 Lancia Ypsilon 2 Lancia Ypsilon Variant  With Excellent Features

2011 Lancia Ypsilon 8 Lancia Ypsilon Variant  With Excellent Features

Lancia Ypsilon variant is available in three different levels like silver, platinum and gold. The major attraction seems to be fallen on the exterior design as experts have applied their latest technology to increase the glow and elegance of the car. The front facelift of the vehicle is remarkably excellent due to the installation of butterfly shaped grilles at the center of the front panel of the car. On both sides of the bonnet there are headlamps and designed air inlets to ensure better airflow into the hood.

Lancia Ypsilon edition is powered by petrol fed engines. 1.2 liter capacitated engine offers 69 horsepower. TwinAir is 0.9 capacitated and it generates 85 horsepower. In addition, 1.3 liter efficient Multijet engine is also capable of generating maximum torque to re-activate wheels of the car. This 1.3 liter Multijet diesel fueled engine can produce 95 horsepower. Lancia Ypsilon variant is very functional and fuel economic. This vehicle is also equipped with a number of car accessories like retractable car seats with leather accessories. The interior décor items include specially upgraded odometer for distance measurement, tire pressure gauging tools inclusive of electronic infotainment system. Street nav system is more active and upgraded.

Lancia Yposilon version is light in weight. Inner tools have been protected from heat and moisture. Therefore experts have kept these vital car engines, and tools under the durable hood. In the driver’s cockpit, you will come into contact with a number of attractive car décor accessories like side mirror setting, wipers and dashboard with drawers. Steering wheel is rimmed with leather. The electronic speedometer and tire pressure gauging units are workable and helpful to drivers to keep track of the condition of the vehicle in more organized way. Car wheels are equipped with large sized white colored rims and shods. The durable tire bands are used to decorate the wheelbases.

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