Maserati Gran Turismo MC Version-Short Review

Maserati GranTurismo MC 1 Maserati  Gran Turismo MC Version Short Review

Maserati GranTurismo MC 2 Maserati  Gran Turismo MC Version Short Review

Maserti is an Italianautomaker and it already released fantastic and easy to operate GranTurismo MCStradale version long back ago. This time Maserti has brought changes to thefront facelift and technical parts of the new car model. However, this new car is available after thechange of Stradale which has been deleted from the brand name. Pointing out thereason of the removal of the term stradale, experts have told reporters thatdue to the installation of full fledged and upgraded automatic gearbox underhood of the car, the stradale has been deleted from the main brand. In additionas part of the car upgradation and tuning, two seats more have been installedinto the car cabin to ensure surplus space for easy and trouble free journey.

In a press release, MaseratiGranTurismo MC Version is the fastest production car of Maserti lineup in USA. Thisnew car is also equipped with a number of exterior and interior tools likecompact drive-train, automatic transmission, suspension dampers, carbondiffuser, CO2 reduction mechanism along with easy to care car accessories. Thetopmost speed of the car is 298 km/h. This new vehicle can cover 100 km/h within a range of 4.9seconds.

Maserati Corse or MC hasproperly improved the condition of the technical aspects of the vehicle. The car has been powered by energy efficient4.7 liter V8 powertrain which generates 450 hp at the rate of 7000 rpm with 510NMtorque. The car is eco-friendly and it alsoprovides maximum power/torque to the car wheels via automatic transmission. Theinterior portion of the vehicle has been decorated properly by installing the attractivecar accessories like leather upholsters, sun visors, steering wheel, electronicaccessories which include navigation system for street mapping, odometer andtire pressure monitoring tools. This vehicle is also fuel economic.

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