Mercedes Benz to Launch New Car Upgradation Package

merc mind blowing 5 Mercedes Benz to Launch New Car Upgradation Package

German car manufacturing Unit Mercedes Benz has announced in public that this automaker will bring a newly upgraded car tuning package which will improve the condition of the car in different ways. There will be five different innovation car upgradation systems and car users will get superb chance to drive their favorite cars with pleasure.First of all Mercedes has put focus on the electronic devices like upgradation of street nav system. Distronic Plus accessory will be installed into the vehicle. With the powerful radar system, you can keep track of the movement of the front vehicle in darkness. There is also a small camera which is placed at the right angle to monitor from behind.

Cam-Touch-Pad systems will be added to the car tuning package for better outcome. The surveillance cam is workable and automatic. On the other hand, Mercedes Benz vehicle is equipped with a number of electronic devices like tire measurement tools, odometer, and infotainment system. The company is also putting much emphasis on the technical portions of the car. For instance, the energy efficient drive-train, automatic transmission, suspension dampers, clam-shaft along with carbon diffuser and exhaust systems have been planted into the vehicle. Traffic Jam controlling accessories are basically user-friendly to car drivers for driving the car properly. There will be sophisticated object detection sensors which are very much conducive to the flawless car driving with pleasure during night. The carbon emission level is much lower. The car is also designed with fluorescent headlamps, trapezoidal grilles, and tailgate lamps.

There are other advanced car accessories like stereo cam, ABC or Advanced Body Control suspension tools and powerful electronic Avatar which is screened on COMMAND display unit. Upgraded car driving simulator is also available in this vehicle. The car wheels of Mercedes lineup are durable and rimmed with high quality tire bands which ensure proper traction. There are also struts, and dampers close to the car wheels. Fenders are located close to the car wheelbases for the protection of tire bands from mud water.

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