Mitsubishi i Variant with Salient Features

Mitsubishi iMiEV 15 Mitsubishi i Variant with Salient Features

Mitsubishi iMiEV 12 Mitsubishi i Variant with Salient Features

Mitsubishi iMiEV 7 Mitsubishi i Variant with Salient Features

The i-MiEV technology has been opted for by Mitsubishi for the up gradation of the car. The well known Japanese automaker is really happy to declare that this new electric powered car will make the world green. This car is upgraded with a number of car up gradation tools and accessories which are essential to improve the condition of chips and car accessories. Mitsubishi i variant is an electric powered car which will be seen in European market very soon.

The detailed information about the technical specifications of the new i-MiEV car has been flashed in the e-book published by the company few days back. This car will have better power train which is competent to 145 pound feet torque and sufficient horsepower for the activation of the car wheels. In addition, the 330Vcapacitated lithium battery is competent to spoon feed the engine with torque.

Experts will replace the stereotyped automatic transmission, suspension dampers and exhaust system. In return, the company will install the sophisticated car up gradation kit into the car for the enhancement of trouble free trip. The level of engine co-efficiency is low and the capacity of power transmission is good to make up the gap. Pack of lithium ion battery provides constant backup to the engine to activate properly. There are other important car tuning tools like the sun visors, dashboard, steering wheel and front windshield with wipers. The engine is more efficient. The car wheelbases are upgraded by wrapping the circumference of the wheelbases using tire bands which increase traction. Air cooling device has been installed into the car cabin forturning the hot and unpleasant air into cool and breathable air.

The electronic infotainment system of the car is workable and up to the mark. The car cabin is also equipped with properly adjusted steering wheel, speedometer and highly sophisticated street navigation system. Under the hood there are clutches, automatic transmission and clam-shaft. Power train unit is also under the bonnet for ensuring the smooth flow of torqueto reach car wheels via automatic transmission.

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