Monotracer E with Low Carbon Emission Guarantee

monotracer e Monotracer E with Low Carbon Emission Guarantee

The X-Tracer has won a fabulous prize by participating into an adventurous expedition campaign. Monotracer E is an upgraded version with EV mode. The fantastic exterior surface of the car compartment of Monotracer E edition is eye-catching and marvellous. This Monotracer E vehicle is two-wheeler, though it sounds little bit odd. Inside the car compartment, there are two seats in proper juxtaposition. The front seat of the driver’s cockpit is at a good place with the rear seat which is adjustable and nicely decorated with leather accessories.

The lower drag co-efficiency will help the car driver to force the way through the higher pressure of air while driving the two-wheeled vehicle competently. The lower the co-efficiency, the higher car movement through air stream without facing technical disturbance. The car wheels are well rimmed with tire bands which provide good traction and durability. Car wheel fenders are very long lasting and competent to protect tire bands from water and weather roughness.

According to experts, this electric powered vehicle will definitely outperform other vehicles in terms of speed and durability. The electric propelled car is energy efficient, and fuel efficient. This electric powered vehicle will have highly sophisticated energy saving devices which will check the carbon consumption rate to great extent. The car doesn’t pollute air. Nor is it detrimental to the environment because of the availability of the sophisticated air filtering tools which will be installed into the car compartment to ensure proper inflow and outflow of air. There will be a well fitted air-flap to let the fresh air enter into the car cabin. On a single shot of electric recharge, this futuristic car will run at high speed. However, at the same time there will be a surplus/additional gas powered powertrain as well. This car will be light in weight and equipped with street navigation accessories. The aerodynamic structure of the vehicle looks like a jetliner. The front glass windscreen, inset mirror casings, and properly fitted side doors with a pair of adjustable escutcheons of the vehicle will be planted to make the vehicle more eye-catching and attractive.

–Kreation Guru

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