Moto Limos Club to Start Moto-Taxi Service in NY City and LA

motorcycle cum taxis 1 Moto Limos Club to Start Moto Taxi Service in NY City and LA

motorcycle cum taxis 2 Moto Limos Club to Start Moto Taxi Service in NY City and LA

Moto Limos Club has made a remarkable attempt by opening a car rental service. This time, motor taxis will be seen in the busiest streets of Los Angeles and New York. Motor taxis are attractive and equipped with ultra-modern tools and accessories. Moto Limos Club has finalized the contract for releasing different types of colorful and easy to drive motorcycle cum taxis.

However in a press note, the zonal secretary of the Limo Club has told reporters frankly that in the beginning the organization will press a package of ten vehicles into service to know the likelihood of travelers and tourists who like to make joy ride on their vacations. These new cars will be more eco-friendly as experts have chosen the sophisticated moto- taxis like 2012 Honda Goldwing, Bombardier Can Am Spyder trikes and lot more. The beautifully upgraded vehicles will not create disturbance by releasing harsh sound and spewing lethal gas which can be detrimental to the environment.

Car passengers will be offered sophisticated and beautifully tuned Bluetooth supported headgear with visors. While traveling by the moto-taxis, car passengers can make outgoing calls via Bluetooth backed devices. The modern vehicles are packed with electronic street nav systems for escorting drivers for ensuring trouble free car trips. Moto Limos Club has also promised to take care of the passengers who will undergo special trips to enjoy the night in Los Angeles or NY City. During wintry days, this organization will deliver blankets, comforters and other accessories like hand gloves, socks, and jackets if required. During sunny days, this club will also supply soft drinks and cold water bottles to travelers who can quench the thirst by drinking cool water. Moto Limos Club has already ended initial conference with experts and top brass of well known motorcycle taxis manufacturing units for getting the sophisticated vehicles at comfortable prices. Moto Limos Club has ensured safety and protection of car passengers during expedition.

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