New BMW 7 Series to Be Launched in China Soon

BMW 7er 13 New BMW 7 Series to Be Launched in China Soon

BMW 7er 5 New BMW 7 Series to Be Launched in China Soon

BMW 7er 8 New BMW 7 Series to Be Launched in China Soon

China has become a commercial hotspot to European automakers. This time, BMW has locked its knot with Steinway & Sons which is located in NY. Now this joint commercial tie-up will launch highly sophisticated BMW 7 series in the Chinese market. These vehicles will be available into two new series such a s V8 backed 740i variant. Besides, this 760i edition will also be planted into the car. The new 760i variant with V12 engine will be able to generate approximately 544 horsepower. The new car engine will be turbo-charged.

In an official brief, the CEO of BMW has claimed that the cars will be painted applying fantastic color shades which will be in imitation of the piano frames. There will be well combination between dark black and milky white hues. The special attention will be paid to the decoration of this new edition by using marvelous and glossy black and white tints which are generally used to design the piano keyboard.

Apart from this exterior car design program, experts will also put focus on the interior car décor process. The car compartment will be made more unique and attractive by applying black and white colored leather accessories. The leather upholsters are made more durable and adjusted to car seats. This new car will be upgraded with 20 inch wheelbases which are also equipped with tire bands. The car compartment is durable and light in weight. There will be adequate space inside the compartment of the vehicle. Especially, in the driver’s cockpit, there are sophisticated street navigation systems, infotainment accessories in well combination with a speedometer, tire pressure measurement tools plus climate checking accessory. The new car will be eco-friendly and there will be automatic transmission and drivetrain as well. Fenders will be attached close to car wheelbases to protect tires from dust and water. Windscreen wipers are functional to mop up water runnels and dew droplets. Lastly proper leather insulation, side glass windows, adjustable clutches, carbon diffuser, exhaust systems in right combination with suspension tools are the essential parts of this car.

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