New Scion FR-S Concept Car Review-Check

2012 Scion FR S 14 New Scion FR S Concept Car Review Check

2012 Scion FR S 15 New Scion FR S Concept Car Review Check

2012 Scion FR S 16 New Scion FR S Concept Car Review Check

ScionFR-S car is a concept vehicle, which is sophisticated and upgraded. However ata press conference, Scion FR-S has been projected to be a prototype of FT-86version. In spite of the availability of a number of similarities between FT86and Scion FR-S version, experts have claimed that there are several differentfeatures, which have distinguished this Scion FR-S version from Toyota FT-86model. FRS is meant for front rearwheel drive system, which has pumped efficiency into the car model.

Ateam of technical experts who have applied the upgraded technology to removethe technical drawbacks of the vehicle has upgraded this new car. Working efficiency of the car is more thanother vehicles in its segment. Thisvehicle has been made more eco-friendly and fuel economic. Necessary changeshave been done to tune the front facelift of the vehicle. Old-fashioned weightyair vents of Toyota FT-86 variant have been replaced by installing newlyupgraded air vents and grilles.

Theouter surface of the car cabin has been made more attractive and elegant bypainting the cabin in durable color. There are other car d├ęcor accessories likeadjustable fenders, side bars, bumpers and inset mirrors which have beenintroduced to the car tuning kit for the betterment of the condition of thecar. The large size car wheelbases are durable and wrapped with tirebands. The inner beauty of the car ismarvelous, as experts have used good-looking floor mats; leather upholsters,and sophisticated street nav systems to decorate the interior space of the car.

Thereare other car accessories, which need to be pointed out. For instance, thecockpit of the car has been upgraded with odometer for distance measurement. Inaddition, the musical system has also been placed into the car. The front windshield wipers are good andflexible to operate. This car is energyefficient and dynamic. The hard chassis and durable dashboard have also beentuned in more scientific way.

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