New Z4 sDrive 28i with 2.0-liter Four-Cylinder Turbo

101 1024x682 New Z4 sDrive 28i with 2.0 liter Four Cylinder Turbo

62 1024x682 New Z4 sDrive 28i with 2.0 liter Four Cylinder Turbo

Z4 sDrive 28i variant will be brought by BMW.  This new car will have V4 turbocharged engine with four cylinders.2.0 liter turbo engine will compete with other powertrains of different vehicles successfully. Old Z4 sDrive30i variant will be replaced and new car engine will be installed into the car.  Z4 edition with hardtop surface safeguards the internal car accessories from heat and sunlight.

The interior decoration of the car will be more attractive as experts will insert lightweight carbon fibers, retractable car seats and upholsters into the engine cabin.  According to technical specialists, the direct fuel injection tools will be inserted into the car. VALVETRONIC system is an added feature of the car. This VALVETRONIC system in unison with double scroll turbocharged unit is capable of generating 240 horsepower at the rate of 5500rpm.  In addition, the V4 turbo car engine is also able to produce 260 pound feet torque at the rate of 1250rpm.

This time the automaker is also focusing on the removal of old and stereotyped car tools by planting new car accessories. The odometer will be added to the car upgradation kit for the measurement of miles/distance covered by the car.  The cabin of the car is also beautified with a number of car décor accessories like sun visors, inset glass mirrors, dashboard and electronic infotainment gear.   The new car upgradation kit also contains newly tuned brakes, automatic transmission, dampers, suspension tools plus carbon reduction device inclusive of air filtration accessories. The new vehicle is designed with hard and durable low roofline with innovative facelift.  The front part of the vehicle has been decorated with trapezoidal grille, air vents and headlamps.  The front and rear windshields with wipers are also effective to protect the car passengers from rain water, dust and sunlight. This car is fuel economic and environment friendly as well.

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