Nissan Leaf NISMO RC- Run on Lithium Battery

43 1024x682 Nissan Leaf NISMO RC  Run on Lithium Battery

20 1024x682 Nissan Leaf NISMO RC  Run on Lithium Battery

Depending on the Leaf car model, Nissan, the well known Japanese car maker has manufactured newly built Nissan Leaf NISMO RC variant which is energy efficient and environment-friendly.  This time Nissan is putting much emphasis on the upgradation of lithium battery, inverter and power generating motor.  This corvette car is suitable to car race and adventurous expedition.

At an interview, the CEO of Nissan has proclaimed in an official statement that this new Nissan Leaf NISMO RC variant has the easy to care compartment with a number of tools and car accessories into the cabin.  Instead of upgrading the street nav and infotainment systems, engineers have used sophisticated technology to develop the power generating motor which is powered by battery. At a conference, an official spokesperson on behalf of Nissan automaker has specified various features of the Nissan Leaf NISMO RC edition. This new theme showpiece is supposed to be exhibited at the 2011 New York International Auto Show in the month of April.

Other technical specifications include LED headlamps which will be attached to the front facelift of the vehicle. Besides, there will be air inlets, trapezoidal grille, side skis, and rear wing with a rear boot lid which is adjustable plus well fitted to the car.  The tailboard lamps with bumpers will be used to tune the vehicle.  In addition, 80 KW AC type power generating synchronous motor delivers 107 hp along with 207 pound feet torque for recharging the car wheels via automatic transmission. The average sprinting time of this theme car is 6.85 seconds to cover 0-62 km per hour.

The new car is eco-friendly and equipped with a number of tools like automatic transmission, suspension dampers, carbon filtering device along with exhaust system.   The car doesn’t emit black smoke as it is propelled by battery.  After a single charge, the car will cover several miles in time.  Retractable seats, leather upholsters with adjustable odometer and sun visors are supposed to be installed into the car.

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