Nissan to Launch Two New Car Models by 2012

110 Nissan to Launch Two New Car Models by 2012

Nissan will gift Indian customer two new futuristic models which are energy efficient and more fuel economic.  These new sedan cars will be spacious and upgraded with sophisticated tools and car décor accessories.  Depending on the structure and technical specification of Nissan Micra,  Nissan Sunny and MPV models will be launched into domestic market in India.

In a press note, one of the official spokespersons of Nissan group has told journalists and reporters that Nissan will launch new variants which will outperform other vehicles in terms of structural aesthete, easy to maintain car upgradation system along with street navigation program.   Top brass of Nissan has stated clearly that   the company is doing experiments to upgrade the car in this way so that the vehicle will compete with other giants like Ford Fiesta and Etios editions.   ‘

However, detailed technical specifications have not been published anywhere by the company.   In a press brief, the company’s CEO has claimed that this car will be naturally more attractive and fully tuned.  Nissan Sunny will have better outlook and excellent car décor accessories.  In a close-up, the company’s CEO has told media associates that the name of Sunny will be changed as Bajaj already released roadsters under this name.  Whatever it may be, the company is determined to increase the aesthetic value of the car by using sophisticated street nav system, electronic infotainment, adjustable sun visors, and windshields with properly fitted glass windows. The eye-catching color of the vehicle is really attractive and eye-soothing.  In this connection, several spy snapshots of these new car models have been flashed in the sites.  The new vehicles will be upgraded with 1500 CC MPFI petrol fed powertrain which generates  100 BHP  plus CRDi  diesel fueled powerplant for releasing adequate  torque and power to recharge the car wheels. The car is also eco-friendly with carbon emission tendency.

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