Nissan’s Compact Sport Concept Vehicle- Fuel Economicand Energy Efficient

34 1024x682 Nissans Compact Sport Concept Vehicle  Fuel Economicand Energy Efficient

28 1024x682 Nissans Compact Sport Concept Vehicle  Fuel Economicand Energy Efficient

Nissan is a well knownautomaker and it has done a marvelous job by designing Compact Sport Conceptvehicle at the Shanghai Auto Show. Japanese company, Nissan has pressed a teamof well experienced engineers into service for the upgradation of this themecar. This car will have hatchback option with three doors facility to ensuresmooth and peaceful entry and exit of car passengers.

According to car engineers and designers, thisCompact variant will be made by emulating other car models which have alreadybeen marketed to satisfy customers. Experts have imitated the supermini for car design. Besides to someextent, experts have also borrowed few basic features from Micra lineup. Thenew car will be more dynamic in design. The working efficiency of the powertrain, suspension dampers andautomatic transmission will be higher.  Ina press release, the company’s management has declared that Micra is a 5-doorwith hatchback vehicle but this new car will have 3-door features with flexiblehatchback option.  The heavilyaccentuated exterior design of the car is marvelous and attractive. 1.6 literturbo engine is also fed by petrol. This powertrain can deliver 190horsepower.   The car is also moreenergy-efficient.

Fenders will protect the carwheels from the roughness of the climate and dust. The automatic transmission toolis used to support the conversion of torque from powerplant to rear wheels.  The hardware of the car is also light inweight.  The front facelift of thevehicle is beautifully decorated and upgraded with fluorescent lamps andtrapezoidal grilles.  Interior portion ofthe cabin will be made more presentable by applying eye adjustable color topaint dashboard, side walls and border of the street nav system.  Ergonomically designed steering wheel will notinjure hands of car drivers during car driving. This car has also carbonreduction mechanism.  It is eco-friendlyand fuel economic.

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