Panamera Turbo S- Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

Porsche panamera turbo s Panamera Turbo S  Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient

Porsche panamera turbo s 4 Panamera Turbo S  Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient

Porsche panamera turbo s 6 Panamera Turbo S  Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient

Porsche, the world famous German automaker, has planned to release its sophisticated and lightweight Panamera Turbo S version in the market. However, meanwhile car designers of Porsche are upgrading the car using ultra-light materials and up-to-date tools for ensuring complete up gradation of the car.

Panamera Turbo S car design is attractive, as special protection is taken to increase the beauty of the car cabin. The aerodynamic cockpit with superb silvery white coloured facelift of the car must soothe eyes of viewers who like sophisticated vehicles with mind-blowing colour contrast. This car will also be equipped with energy-efficient power train to provide 550 hp which is powerful comparing to previous model. Additional 50 hp units have been added to make the figure of 550 hp for ensuring better car running via streets. This sophisticated vehicle is suitable to city navigation. The power plant is capable of supplying 553 pound feet torque.

In a press release, the company’s CEO has claimed by stating confidently that the sprinting time of this new car will be more than other conventional car models. The car can cover 60 mph reaching the topmost speed of 190mph within a span of 3.6 seconds. This highly sophisticated four-wheeler will be available in American market for $173,200. The car will also be loaded with functional suspension dampers, carbon diffuser, struts, exhaust pipe, and properly designed carbon emission checking devices. The automatic transmission will shift torque from the power train to the rear wheels for enhancing flawless wheel rotation around the axle bars which are also adjustable.

Besides, car seats of this futuristic vehicle are beautifully designed using leather upholsters. In addition, the inner space will be utilized by planting sun visors, durable dashboard, hidden drawers, and leather covered steering wheel. The extra care has been opted for to reshape the driver’s cockpit by inserting sophisticated street navigation systems plus inset glass mirror settings.

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