Porsche-Cayenne-Diesel Fed Car – with ExcellentFeatures

115  Porsche Cayenne Diesel Fed Car – with ExcellentFeatures

27  Porsche Cayenne Diesel Fed Car – with ExcellentFeatures

Porsche has made an official declarationthat the company will have to bring changes to the car design and tuningprogram. At the initial stage, Porsche is making plan to upgrade Cayenne and Panameraeditions.  Sophisticated technology issupposed to be used to tune the car.

As a part of technicalspecification and upgradation program, this famous German automaker has takendecision to increase the power on 3.0 liter capacitated V6 diesel fed carengine/powertrain which produces 245 horsepower.  That means, comparing to the previous carengine, this time Porsche has made an revolution by increasing the horsepowerby 5 hp to the existing horsepower.  Thistype of advancement and increase in the amount of the horsepower definitelymakes the car more energy efficient and competent.

There is another excellentfeature of Cayenneedition. This time, Porsche is also making special strategies to lower the carbonemission rate by installing the sophisticated carbon deduction/reduction tools. New car will emit 189 gram carbon perkilometer. The sprinting time of the new car model is 7.6 seconds after thededuction of 0.2 seconds whereas the speed gears up by 2mph to make it 137 mph.

There are other technicalspecifications which include automatic transmission, suspension dampers, carbondiffuser, exhaust, and the powertrain.   All these tools have been added to thevehicle upgradation and tuning kit. At the same time, the interior decorationof the car has been well taken care of by installing newly built retractablecar seats along with leather upholsters. The floor carpet of the cabin isdurable and soft. The cockpit of the cabin is really fantastic to look asengineers have installed a number of electronic street nav systems, speedometer,odometer and climate checking tools. The electronic infotainment accessoriesare also marvelous. This car is also aerodynamic in shape with lowco-efficiency rate.

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