Schmidt Revolution Releases New Drive-Train for Panamera4S

Porsche Panamera Schmidt Revolution Releases New Drive Train for Panamera4S

Porsche Panamera 1 Schmidt Revolution Releases New Drive Train for Panamera4S

Porsche Panamera 2 Schmidt Revolution Releases New Drive Train for Panamera4S

Porsche Panamera 4 Schmidt Revolution Releases New Drive Train for Panamera4S

Schmidt Revolution, the car tuner has been vested with power to do necessary modification and technical configuration on the new vehicle Porsche Panamera 4S variant. Panamera 4Sedition is really workable and made more energy efficient and fuel economic.

Rennsport car tuning kit is more competent and up-to-date. The technical upgradation has been conducted in perfect way to rebuild the vehicle. Rennsport car tuning kit provides complete technical backup to the modification of the power train, suspension dampers and automatic transmission to generate more torque and power. Comparing to previous engine which provides400 hp and 500 NM torque, Rennsport car tuning tool will increase the delivery of horse power and torque at the rate of 425 hp and 535 NM respectively. This type of steady acceleration in the amount of horsepower and torque will certainly gear up the efficiency of the vehicle.

The Rennsport car upgradation and tuning package offers 22inch alloy wheelbases which will be tuned and upgraded by Schmidt. This new car upgradation kit will bring massive technical configuration to the car. Car wheelbases will be bordered with durable and properly sizeable265/30 R22 tire bands at the front with 305/25 R22 tire bands at the rear. Besides the suspension dampers will have better performance to check them as production of shock and friction.

The clutches of this new car are also good in quality. Power coming from power train travels directly through the hub of the clutches to reach the automatic transmission. The fly wheels of the clutch system are durable and properly adjusted to support the smooth supply of torque and power through the clutch disc to activate rear wheels of the car via automatic transmission tool. This car is also environment-friendly.

There are other technical parts which are supposed to be taken care of by Schmidt. The exterior surface of the compartment of the car will be painted in eye-adjustable and durable color. The front fascia of the car is upgraded with trapezoidal grilles and lightweight sleek headlamp fixtures.

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