Sebastien Thurn’s Toyota Prius Prassat Computerized Driverless Vehicles

driverless car path Sebastien Thurn’s Toyota Prius Prassat Computerized Driverless Vehicles

Sebastien Thurn’s outstanding contribution to the automobile industry is excellent, as this genius has masterminded an effective plan to design a car which will run on its own without depending on the car driver. This lightweight sophisticated car will be aerodynamic with slopping roofline. The car will be totally battery powered and it will rush via highways without any manpower. This concept vehicle will be a stunt for those who are searching for such a vehicle which is eco-friendly and can rush without spraying chemical impurities in form of dark fume and smoke.

In a press conference, this gentleman has convinced the media associates and reporters about multi-functional systems of Toyota Prius which is supposed to be made in future. The experiment is still going on to upgrade the Prius and Prassat variants. DARPA Challenge technology is beneficial to protect nature from environment pollution. This ultra-modern computerized vehicle is suitable to on-road and off-street as well. Inside the car, there will be a number of sophisticated car accessories. The car will be fully computerized and upgraded. It is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Inside the car there will be no car driver. For this reason, the risk of accident is low. It is equipped with a powerful laser guided object detection sensors which are powerful and highly efficient. Battery powered fluorescent headlamps release magnificent soft but bright light. This driverless car will minimize the air pollution.

In a conference, Thurn has analyzed that after extensive research, he has got success to give concrete shape to this computerized. The powerful rudder, electronic navigation system, battery powered automatic doors, retractable car seats will be installed into the car compartment. The sharpness in the front facelift of the car design is really attractive. Wheelbases will be more attractive and durable. Highly sophisticated suspension dampers will reduce the road friction. Thurn has already published a number of video clips which display this theme car which is computerized, battery powered and to top it all it is a driverless automatic vehicle.

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