Shelby to Launch Super Snake Auto Care Kit

Shelby ss Mustang 2 Shelby to Launch Super Snake Auto Care Kit

Shelby ss Mustang 4 Shelby to Launch Super Snake Auto Care Kit

Shelby which has already made a number of sophisticated Ford vehicles has taken a new plan to launch new car package which will be used to tune little sports car by the end of this year or in the very begging of 2012 as per the statement issued by the Shelby automaker. Official spokespersons have also stated that this car will be upgraded and developed using Super Snake auto kit which will be equipped with more sophisticated car tuning accessories.

Shelby car will be upgraded with a 5.4 liter supercharged V 8 powertrain which is energy efficient and capable of sufficient torque and horsepower to ensure better car moving. This theme super car will be competent to run swiftly through the air pressure smoothly due to low drag-co-efficiency rate. This vehicle performs excellently and competently as experts have installed ultra-modern drivetrain, exhaust system, and turbocharged V8 powertrain/engine. This Super Snake car tuning package generates 800 hp. This super car is also equipped with four 20 inch wheelbases with tire bands.

To increase the efficiency of the vehicle, experts have used Eibach car designing side bars, fantastic six-piston calipers cum braking systems which are functional and effective to speed up the car movement as well as harness the speed in more organized way. The aero kit will bring major changes to the front facelift of the car. The attractive aerodynamic car design is marvelous and excellent. Shelby experts have used specially upgraded fenders, clamshaft, automatic transmission, suspension dampers, struts, axle bars, exhaust system, carbon diffuser, rear boot lid, and trapezoid shaped grilles with two parallel vertical bars in well juxtaposition. The car is eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The interior space of the car compartment is decorated with nav systems, musical infotainment console in unison with weather forecast device along with a speedometer, and an odometer. There are other car accessories like sun visors, windshield screens plus wipers, clutches and floor mats have made the car more luxurious. The retractable car seats with reclining features provide maximum comfort.

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