Soleil Anadi Edition with Light Weight Chassis

Soleil Anadi Edition 3 Soleil Anadi Edition with Light Weight Chassis

Soleil Anadi Edition 4 Soleil Anadi Edition with Light Weight Chassis

Soleil Anadi edition is fantastic car which looks extremely glamorous due to the mind blowing color shade. This sports corvette has been built and tuned in more systematic way. Ugur Sahin who is believed to be a Turkish auto designer and tuner has sketched this concept corvette for showcasing at the car exhibition. This time, experts have used a number of sophisticated tools and accessories for the perfect upgradation of the corvette.

Soleil Motors has made a tie-up with other car designers like Ercole, Spada, and Autosport for perfectly designing this Soleil Anadi theme car. After the premiere show this month, the company has the growth oriented plan to release absolutely brand new car models which will provide 100 percent satisfactory service to car users. In Milan, the car upgradation process is being conducted by a team of technical specialists. This Soleil Anadi is a sort of highly upgraded corvette car which can run smoothly via freeways.

Soleil Anadi edition has been tune by inserting a 6.2 liter capacitated turbo V8 powertrain which generally produces 651hp. Anadi edition will have tremendous speed at the topmost speed of 200mph. The sprinting time of this vehicle is as low as 3.5 seconds and it covers 60mph within this time limit. This new car will be further upgraded with KW suspension dampers for the checking of road friction, and Pirelli P-Zero tire bands for better traction. OZ rims in combination with Brembo brakes will be added to the car upgradation kit. This time, this futuristic vehicle will be developed using energy-efficient powerplant and automatic transmission accessories.

This Anadi variant is eco-friendly and fuel economic. The car features extraordinary exterior design with lightweight chassis, windshield screens, glass mirror sets, steering wheel, odometer, and tachometer. For reducing the lethal impact of carbon emission, high quality carbon diffuser, and CO2 emission regulating system have been planted inside the car.

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