SpeedART Has Released EVO-XL 600 Car Tuning Package

EVO XL 600 4 SpeedART Has Released EVO XL 600 Car Tuning Package

EVO XL 600 5 SpeedART Has Released EVO XL 600 Car Tuning Package

EVO XL 600 2 SpeedART Has Released EVO XL 600 Car Tuning Package

To compete with Stutgart’s sport utility vehicle, the car tuning and upgradation center of Porsche Cayenne, SpeedART, has announced the company’s plan to launch the EVO-XL 600 car tuning kit. It has been already brought to car exhibition show for demonstration. This time, SpeedART has done lot of experiments and research to accelerate the efficiency of the car. EVO-XL 600 car upgradation kit contains several tools and car tuning accessories like suspension dampers, struts, automatic transmission tools, wheelbases, carbon reduction tools, plus electronic nav systems.

At the car tuning center, experts have decided to upgrade their cars by utilizing easy to care EVO-XL 600 kit which is also packed with roof spoiler or air flap, wheel arch expansion tool, rear metallic apron with carbon diffuser. This new EVO-XL 600 car upgradation package also offers sophisticated fuel efficient tools and carbon emission checking accessories. The side skirts of the car have added up the additional glow to the car. The lightweight 23 inch alloyed wheel bases with shod and rims are really beautiful and attractive.

SpeedART car upgradation center has finalized the deal for the improvement of the condition of the vehicle. Ultra-light carbon fiber trims will be used to decorate the inner space of the compartment. The electronic infotainment accessories like iPad and musical gadget will be inserted into the cockpit of the car. Latest street nav systems will be planted into the car. The car is very sophisticated with durable chassis, lockable doors, and adjustable sun visors plus glass mirror casings. The air spoiler is conducive to the smooth entry of fresh air inside the cabin of the vehicle.

The strong fluorescent lamps emit eye adjustable bright light. Trapezoid shaped grilles, air inlets and durable bonnet have made the car more efficient. The degree of carbon emission is comparatively low. The front and rear glass windshields are strong and transparent. The co-efficiency of the car engines is low and it is helpful to car drivers to drive the vehicle competently even in storm or strong blow of wind.

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