Styling Package for Volvo XC90 SUV developed by Heico Sportiv

Heico Sportiv Styling Package for Volvo XC90 SUV developed by Heico Sportiv

The Volvo XC90 SUV is a beautiful vehicle already but Heico Sportiv promises to make it much more exciting. The decision to develop the face lift kit was taken by Heico Sportiv as a good business opportunity. Since Volvo started the production of the XC90 from 2002 and plans to keep it in production for the coming years, there is a vast and sustainable market for the styling kit. Heico hopes to sale a good number of their styling kits and to do good business. Its styling offerings are updated for the particular cross over model.

The latest body kit consists of six distinct parts, manufactured from the PUR-R-RIM plastic. The kit has a front apron beautifully designed to replace the side and central panels. There is also a beautifully crafted stay of stainless steel. It is located in the front of cold air outlet. New side skirts that are the part of the styling kit can be mounted on top of the existing skirts. The newly styled rear apron does look magnificent and does wonder to lift the styling of the car to a new height. The exhaust consists of four pipes with the ends projecting oval shaped chrome finish.

Holger Hedtke, the CEO of Heico Sportiv is confident that the owners of the Volvo car around the world will find the styling kit very appealing and it will double as attractive incentive for the car buyers. The styling kit is meant for all the XC90 models manufactured from 2007 onwards. The styling kit will be made available in the market for sale, from May 2011. The officials at Heico Sportiv also mention that the up gradation will also include twenty inch alloy wheels that will be fitted with beefier tires to give that awesome look.

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