The 2011 Toyota Venza AWD a new venture

The 2011 Toyota Venza AWD a new venture 16 The 2011 Toyota Venza AWD a new venture

The 2011 Toyota Venza AWD a new venture 111 The 2011 Toyota Venza AWD a new venture

The automobile sector has gone through a lean patch in the past few years and Toyota had been hit as well. The sales figure of the car manufacturer has dipped throughout the car markets globally. One of the major reasons for the decrease in popularity of the Toyota car models is as the critics have correctly pointed out that, the car models are boring. Toyota plans to bounce back and silent the critics by launching the Toyota Venza AWD. The manufacturer has tried to come out of its conventional design concepts and offer something new to the consumers.

Though the crossover is not a novelty to the car owners it is almost a brave new terrain for Toyota. The car has a length of 189 inch, width of 75 inch and a height of 63.4 inch. The car is taller than most of the contemporary models in its class. The wheelbase of the car has a dimension of 109.3 inch. Six speed automatic transmission is fitted on the vehicle and it can reach a velocity of 60 Km/h from static in 6.7 seconds flat. The curb weight of the vehicle is 4050 lb.

Special attention is given to achieve a good mileage on the car. The car delivers 18 MPG inside the city limits and 25 MPG on the highway. The carbon mono oxide emission is considerably reduced too, the car emits only 0.94 lb of CO2 for every mile driven. The interior of the car has a sober and soothing interior decoration that catches the attention immediately. The exterior is superbly styled and the car is surely an eye candy that is assured to grab a second look from the pedestrians. We sure hope that the Toyota Venza AWD achieve great sales figure and add a new dimension to the Toyota brand of cars.

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