The Concept car from Chevrolet, Mi-ray

Chevrolet Mi ray Concept The Concept car from Chevrolet, Mi ray

Chevrolet Mi ray Concept 2 The Concept car from Chevrolet, Mi ray

Chevrolet Mi ray Concept 1 The Concept car from Chevrolet, Mi ray

Chevrolet is a globally well known, reputed car manufacturer known for their unique and beautiful car models that are sometime launched to celebrate special occasions. Keeping up with the tradition, the Korean branch of Chevrolet unveiled the concept car Mi-ray at the Seoul car show, 2011. The concept car, Mi-ray is to celebrate the 100 years of Chevrolet since its formation. It is a good way of attracting the public attention for the car as well as the company. Mi-ray successfully grabbed the attention of the auto world as it made its first appearance.

It is a hybrid roadster that is futuristically designed model with exciting scissor doors and sports grilled is properly named Mi-ray as the word in Korean language means “future”. The LED head lights, car body made of carbon fiber, day time lights, spoiler made of carbon fiber and aluminum carbon 20 inch wheels are the highlight features of the superb vehicle. The cabin has a unique diamond like shape that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the car. The interior of the car resembles the cock pit of a jet fighter and enhances the thrill of driving experience. The interior is marvelously decorated with brushed aluminum, white fabric and natural leather.

The power system of the futuristic Mi-ray consists of two electrical motors that rotate the front axle of the car. Each of the motor is capable of producing 15kW power. The 1.5 liter petrol fed turbo engine with four cylinder runs the rear wheels. The power obtained from the regenerative braking system is used to recharge the 1.6 kWh Li ion battery pack that is installed on the car. The car is capable of running on electricity only. The economy of running the car is also kept on mind while designing the vehicle and according to the Chevrolet people the mileage offered is high.

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