The New Concept Car from GM, Buick Envision

Buick Envision Concept s The New Concept Car from GM, Buick Envision

General Motors is a world renowned brand. The automobile manufacturer has created numerous car models that were technically savvy, beautiful to look at and went on to become a legend of the motoring world. No wonder then, when GM announces its new car the auto world seats up and pays attention. The global auto fans are always on the lookout for the latest developments occurring at the house of General Motors. Therefore the announcement of the new car from GM was welcomed with open arms and NEWS regarding the car always stirred the imagination of the auto enthusiastic community.

The teaser photo of the Buick Envision concept car was recently made available by GM. The car is supposed to be unveiled at the 2011 edition of the Shanghai Auto Show. The SUV looks to imitate the futuristic design on the exterior; the interior is not much visible in the photo and guess we will have to wait until the Shanghai Auto Show to get to learn about the details of the car. The car is designed by the Shanghai wing of GM, in collaboration with the PATAC or the “Pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre”. The designers have kept strong focus on modeling the car according to global parameter and the local demands of design to satisfy the Chinese consumers.

Though not much of details about the car are forthcoming, it is learnt that the car will get the power from a state of the art hybrid system. The technical details will be disclosed only when the car is unveiled. The photo from GM suggests that car will have Gulling doors. The car is scheduled to be brought in front of the world on 18th April, 2011 at the Sanghai car show. Be ready to learn about the details of the exciting car, soon.

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