Toyota Avanza MPV Supposed to Come to India by Early 2012

toyota avanza mpv Toyota Avanza MPV Supposed to Come to India by Early 2012

Toyota will bring a newly built and upgraded Toyota Innova MPV edition to Indian domestic market. This new Toyota Innova MPV variant is smaller than Toyota Innova edition. However in terms of speed, interior decoration and technical specification, according to experts, this newly upgraded Toyota Innova MPV car will be more charismatic with lightweight cabin and eco-friendly car accessories. Mind blowing color contrast of the car is noticeable and praiseworthy.

Toyota Innova MPV is a car which has been proper tuned in imitation of other two variants like Toyota Etios Liva and Toyota Innova MPV. The car will be more colorful, energy efficient and fuel economic. Toyota Avanza edition is really workable and competent to run at high speed via streets and drivable freeways. The car is tiny with fantastic razor sharp front facelift. The cockpit of this variant is also made attractive and up to date by installing ultra-modern and the latest infotainment accessories, street navigation system in right combination with retractable car seats. The leather insulated car upholsters with round area rugs on the floor of the car compartment are durable and eco-friendly. The low roofline meets with the glass silhouette at the front. The sun visors are competent to safeguard eyes from simmering sunlight effect. Inset glass mirrors reflect images with perfection.

There are also power train and carbon diffuser with exhaust system under the hood. The car wheels are properly adjusted to the front and rear axles. The suspension dampers are user-friendly to check the road friction. The new car is also designed with a painted boot lid which is adjustable and separable for replacement. The engine co-efficiency of the car is comparatively low. The fuel consumption percentage of the car is also under control. Fenders are positioned at right angles for safeguarding tire bands from dust and mud water. This car doesn’t pollute air by back firing carbon in the form of black fume.

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