Unichip Revamps the Performance of Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport Power Upgrade by Unichip Front Speed View 610x433 Unichip Revamps the Performance of Range Rover Sport

Unichip is doing a good job of tunning the engines and enhancing their performances considerably. Unichip recently revealed their ECU up gradation kit for the three liter TDV6 Range Rover version. This system rearranges the turbo boost and fuelling system of the car, which in turn enables the engine to deliver a greater volume of power. This is an exciting option for the auto enthusiasts to revamp their favorite cars without removing the engine. The greater raw power output is obviously an adrenaline booster. Unichip must be complimented for the good work that they are putting up.

The Dyno Tests proved undoubtedly that the installation of the Unichip product on the Range Rover increased the power delivery of the engine considerably. On careful measurement, it was seen that there were increase of 22bhp and 23 lb-ft torque, in comparison to the regular model. The total output of the Range Rover engine fitted with the Unitech kit were 281 bhp at 3031 rotation per minute and 525 lb-ft torque at 2241 rpm. The auto enthusiasts who are concerned about the fuel consumption figures rest easy, as Unitech has declared in a press briefing that the fuel consumption figure remains the same irrespective of the upgrade. No one could have asked for anything better.

The improvement kit from Unichip is now available directly from the European subsidy of the company. The kit is economically priced at 423.15 GBP. The price is exclusive of the VAT charges. The unique part number of the Unichip product is ppLAN11.0. Unichip assures that the kit is suitable for all the three liter TDV6 Range Rover models produced after September 2009. It remains to be seen whether the Unichip product can convert the hype created around it in a commercial success or not. We hope it does.

–Kreation Guru

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