VATH to Modify Mercedes Benz CL 500 Coupe

VATH Mercedes Benz CL 500 Coupe 2 VATH to Modify Mercedes Benz CL 500 Coupe

VATH Mercedes Benz CL 500 Coupe 5 VATH to Modify Mercedes Benz CL 500 Coupe

VATH Mercedes Benz CL 500 Coupe 1 VATH to Modify Mercedes Benz CL 500 Coupe

VATH, the well known German automaker, has been empowered to upgrade Mercedes Benz CL 500 coupe model. VATH has taken a special car tuning program to enhance the aesthete of both exterior and interior portions of the coupe. Mercedes Benz CL 500 version will be modified and tuned in organized way. Experts have planned to increase the horse power and torque to add more gloss to the car compartment.

Mercedes Benz CL 500 will be equipped with 5.5 litre capacitated V8 powertrain with eight cylinders in perfect location. This car will be energy-efficient and competent to run through twists and turns of streets and by-lanes without releasing dark smoke and carbon laden fume. Mercedes Benz CL 500 version is also capable of generating maximum 460 horsepower and 600 NM torque to charge rear wheels. This new vehicle will have good speed. According to the spokespersons on behalf of VATH, the coupe will run at the topmost speed of 180mph breaking the previous recorded speed.

Technical specifications also include the areas of modified suspension accessories, dynamic automatic transmission along with braking accessories. The car will be eco-friendly with durable chassis, navigation accessories, and car accessories. Four 20 inch alloy car wheels with the properly designed 245/30ZR20 tire bands increase traction. Experts have also taken care of the visual effect to accentuate colour contrast and car design. The transparent windscreen, inset glass mirrors, well decorated rear cargo compartment with adjustable boot lid are conducive to the enhancement of the structural aesthete of the car. The air spoiler will be added to the car cabin to let the fresh air pass through cabin to revitalize car passengers. Cool air will certainly remove odour and suffocating heat inside the car compartment. There are other car accessories like attractive leather upholsters, ergonomically designed steering wheel, durable dashboard, drawers, and soft leather floor carpet. The car is light in weight with properly fitted boot lid for safekeeping of engine and other accessories.

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