Volkswagen-Routan-2011- Short Overview

2011 Volkswagen Routan Volkswagen Routan 2011  Short Overview

2011 Volkswagen Routan 2 Volkswagen Routan 2011  Short Overview

2011 Volkswagen Routan 4 Volkswagen Routan 2011  Short Overview

New Routan version has been upgraded and tuned by VW automaker. In a press release, one of the official spokespersons of Volkswagen group has stated specifically that this Routan edition will be dynamic, energy efficient with properly designed car accessories to enhance the lustre of the vehicle.

Routan will be equipped with a 3.6 litre capacitated V6 power train which is competent with low fuel consumption rate. The car is also capable of covering several miles at high speed. A 6-speed automatic transmission tool has been attached to the engine cabin to increase the competency of the vehicle. The interior part of the vehicle is also decorated with adjustable car seats which are retractable with reclining features. The vehicle compartment is also made more unique and attractive because of the application of ultra light carbon fibres to design the side walls, ceiling of the car cabin. The floor mats are used to keep the feet safe.

Experts have used other car accessories like air bags, leather strapping, ESP devices to ensure trouble free car trip. Brakes with anti-locking system are user-friendly to minivan drivers to stop the car comfortably. Routan car is available under the categories of SE SEL, S, and SEL Premium. This minivan will have set of automatic transmission to ensure smooth transfer of torque from power plant to wheelbases of the minivan. Besides, there will be also suspension dampers, fenders, carbon diffuser, and carbon checking devices inside the cabin of the vehicle.

Finally, the Routan minivan is also tuned with a highly competent and properly adjusted infotainment system which will definitely gift passengers few special moments for watching television programs, listening to songs via satellite supported radio. In the front row of the car compartment, there is a sophisticated touch screen street monitoring tools with surveillance cam for assisting car driver to check road at night. This minivan houses seven passengers at a time.

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