Volvo Concept Universe Variant Performs Better- More Eco-friendly

114 Volvo Concept Universe Variant Performs Better  More Eco friendly

26 Volvo Concept Universe Variant Performs Better  More Eco friendly

Volvo automaker has designed a one-off Concept Universe vehicle for the showcase at Shanghai Motor exhibition in China. This Concept Universe car is luxurious and spacious.  The attractive glossy color of the vehicle is marvelous and fantastic to look.  The concept car will be upgraded using the latest ultra modern car upgradation tools.

In a press release, Stefan Jacoby who is the President and executive of Volvo group has told the reporters that the Concept Universe is a modern car with excellent powertrain, automatic transmission, suspension dampers with aerodynamic features.  This car will surely satisfy the upscale community in Chin.  In another interview, the company’s CEO has revealed the next resolution of Volvo. After the completion of the premiere, the company will be more attentive to manufacture more luxurious cars. Therefore, this one-off vehicle will be manufactured in large number and Volvo will try to spoon feed the Chinese automobile industry by gifting new Concept Universe cars at the comfortable prices.

Volvo Concept Universe coupe will be made more attractive and energy efficient by modifying the roofline of the car. The front facelift of the car will be decorated with trapezoidal grilles.  The LED running lamps are helpful to car drivers to detect the minuscule object in darkness. Eye-adjustable fluorescent lamps emit eye soothing bright light for the perfect car driving.   The retractable car seats are also covered with well fitted upholsters, and other car décor accessories like electronic infotainment system, street nav system and  the odometer which are durable, efficient and capable of providing reliable service to car users.  This car will not damage the outdoor air by releasing carbon in the shape of dark smoke and fume. The car wheels are durable and equipped with suspension dampers and struts which are located close to suck the surplus shock and prevent street friction.  The automatic transmission tool is capable of shifting torque to car wheels.   Drive-train and carbon diffusers are also available to improve the condition of this new car model.

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