Vorsteiner Releases Ultra Light Carbon Fibre Boot Lid to Tune BMW 3-Series Convertible-E93

2011 vorsteiner bmw m3 boot 2 Vorsteiner Releases Ultra Light Carbon Fibre Boot Lid to Tune BMW 3 Series Convertible E93

Vorsteiner has declared officially that the company will soon launch an ultra-light carbon fibre engine compartment with adjustable lid. The rear cargo compartment/wagon station will be attached to the main frame of the BMW 3-Series Convertible -E93 version. The car will have more space inside the boot lid for safekeeping the engine and other tools.

This BMW 3-Series Convertible-E93 edition is a sort of cabriolet vehicle with foldable rooftop plus rear tailboard. The carbon fibre is always light in weight with good operability system. The front and rear portions of the car cabin are durable and adjusted in proper way. Car passengers can store the luggage and other usable collectibles into the rear cargo wagon with a foldable lid. Besides, other technical specifications include adjustable side doors with sophisticated interlocking accessories.

Inside the car cabin, car seats are properly fixed to the frame of the car. The leather made car seats are made more flexible with reclining systems. One can adjust the car seats using different types of knobs. There are other tools like street navigation systems like odometer, tire pressure gauging tools, climate checking/monitoring devices, and speedometer. The front windscreen of the car is transparent and it increases the visibility and clarity for better viewing. The inset side glass mirrors are properly set /fixed to the driver’s cockpit cabin. Apart from this, the car is also equipped with power train, suspension damper, exhaust tools, struts, and fenders to save tire bands from water, moisture, and dust. The scratch resistant leather upholsters are useful to provide comfort and cosiness to car users. The car is environment-friendly and energy efficient as well. Car driver can monitor the movement of the car wheels and inspect road condition by using the suspension box, and exhaust system. For better viewing, fog lamp, and fluorescent headlamps will come handy when drivers navigate the streets in darkness.

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