2011 BAC MONO with Marvellous Features

2011 BAC Mono 1 2011 BAC MONO with Marvellous Features

2011 BAC Mono 5 2011 BAC MONO with Marvellous Features

2011 BAC Mono 2 2011 BAC MONO with Marvellous Features

2011 BAC MONO car has been upgraded uniquely. This time, a group of technical experts have tried their level bet to bring perfection to the car design and tuning. Exterior and interior portions of this car have been well taken care of by experts who have applied sophisticated technology to accelerate the efficiency of drive-train, automatic transmission, exhaust system along with carbon diffuser, powertrain plus other car upgradation accessories.

2011 BAC MONO vehicle is eco-friendly and fuel economic. 2011BAC MONO vehicle has been upgraded with a number of sophisticated tools and environment friendly car tuning accessories. Experts have used race car mechanism to bring speed to the car. The energy efficient powerplant offers 520 bhp with excellent sprinting time. The car can run at high speed covering 60mph within 2.8 seconds. MONO variant has the speed of 170mph. This car has been properly tuned and upgraded by a team of experienced technical experts and car designers.

According to experts, 2011 BAC MONO car is a cool car which keeps the air fresh and vibrant inside the car cabin. Inside the car compartment, there are retractable car seats with upholsters and other car upgradation accessories. The electronic infotainment system in the driver’s cockpit is really superb in quality with high performance track record. The car is also upgraded with 2/3 litre capacitated inline-4 engine which generates 207 pound feet torque. The car is not capable of producing carbon in huge volume. Nor is there any possibility of releasing ear splitting throttle response. The sun visors, mirror settings, car floor mats, dashboard, ergonomic steering wheel and other car upgradation tools have been inserted into car compartment for making car more competent and energy efficient. Car wheelbases are wrapped with rubber made tire bands which provide adequate traction and gripping power. The metallic struts are positioned close to the wheelbase shod to protect the cars from massive friction. Dampers are also efficient to absorb shock and friction as well to ensure better performance of the vehicle.

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