2012 Ferrari California’s beauty

2012 ferrari california1 2012 Ferrari California’s beauty

So, we have another Ferrari California launching at the end of this year. The first model was launched in 2009. The car sports a long nose, a very curvy and voluptuous exterior design; well the spies have been everywhere to catch a glimpse of this all new Ferrari California. The car has improved safety features like a roll which mechanically positions whenever necessary. The Ferrari includes an ABS brake system, traction control and air bags both on sides and fronts.

The Ferrari California generates 460 horse power from a 4.3 litre engine, V8 to be specific. The Ferrari California’s top speed is of 193 km/hr. okay! So, this Ferrari is heftier and less effective than its prototype. It will weigh 628 lbs more than its predecessor.

The all new Ferrari California 2012 version has already got fan followers. The new infant is not even out on the roads and there is so much hype about it. It must be a big shot, for sure! The car sports amazing looks and has animated exteriors. A car that talks to you!

As for the competition, this car will be eligible to compete with luxury cars like Ashton-Martin and Bentley Continental. If you want something cheaper than the Ferrari California, then a Corvette ZR1 or a Dodge Viper would do – they are half the price of Ferrari.

The Ferrari California is a two door convertible which is striking. The Ferrari California will be sporting the manual gearbox one last time. Ferrari is planning to add a double clutch gear-box to all the new models.

Ferrari California is going to be a hard top convertible. And, the sight of this beauty converting into a different mode is – AMAZING. The metal roof disappears beautifully. And of course, it is USER FRIENDLY and also cuts down harmful CO2 emissions. Also, has great balance and handling – even women can drive this sweet ride easily.

Well, this Ferrari is all ready to be yours – but, you have to wait till the end of this year to get to experience excellence.

–Kreation Guru


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