2012 Lancia Thema with Excellent Features

2012 Lancia Thema 2 2012 Lancia Thema with Excellent Features

2012 Lancia Thema 1 2012 Lancia Thema with Excellent Features

2012 Lancia Thema 3 2012 Lancia Thema with Excellent Features

According to official spokespersons of Lancia Thema car manufacturing unit, this car will be more fuel economic and energy efficient. 2012 Lancia Thema car is not only attractive but also it seems to be more elegant and eco-friendly.

2012 Lancia Thema variant will be available in two significant forms like Gold and Platinum. The technical configurations will be conducted by a team of experts who will own up responsibility to upgrade the vehicle by installing three different versions of powertrain. There will be 3.6 litre capacitated V6 petrol fed powertrain, 3.0 L V 6 diesel powered engine along with twin Euro 5 diesel fed engines. 3.6 L V6 powertrain provides 292 horsepower inclusive of 8 –speed automatic gearbox in unison with V6 diesel fed powertrain which generates 224 hp.

This new futuristic Lancia Thema variant is 5084mmLX1507mmH X 1891 mm W. The wheelbase is 3051mm in size. The frontal fascia of the car is decorated with trapezoidal grille and sleek fluorescent head lamp fixtures. The chrome alloyed bars and side skis of the vehicle are excellently adjusted to the car cabin.

The interior deco of this new futuristic car will be made more attractive by planting retractable car seats, floor mats, and properly designed leather insulated upholsters. The cockpit of the car will be upgraded and tuned by inserting odometer, tachometer and sophisticated infotainment system. The street navigation system inside the car cabin is workable and durable. The electronic gadgets and ultra light car décor accessories will be used to bring the perfection to the overall decoration of the car. The inset glass mirror settings, sun visors, windshield with wipers will be installed into the car cabin to accelerate the aesthete and competency of the vehicle. The rear boot lid is properly fitted to cargo wagon which will be upgraded and adjusted to the car compartment.

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