2012 Nissan GT-R VVIP Edition- A Review

2012 Nissan GT R VVIP Edition 2012 Nissan GT R VVIP Edition  A Review

2012 Nissan GT R VVIP Edition 2 2012 Nissan GT R VVIP Edition  A Review

2012 Nissan GT R VVIP Edition 1 2012 Nissan GT R VVIP Edition  A Review

2012 Nissan GT-R VVIP Edition is a luxurious car which is decorated with precious gold plate. 24 karat gold will be used to design this theme car. In an official declaration, the CEO of the company has declared that this futuristic vehicle will be extensively required by people living in ME. The fact is that ME countries have better habit to use sophisticated vehicles which are colourful and fully tuned. The electronic tools and car accessories have been used to upgrade the car.

There are also specially decorated carbon fibre insulated spoilers which ensure smooth airflow inside the car. This time, the company is putting pressure on the exterior décor and aesthetic appearance of the car. Updated technology and tools will be utilized to add extra gloss to the vehicle. 2012Nissan GT-R VVIP Edition will be energy efficient and more dynamic. Gold plated emblem at the front of the car will be more attractive. The car cabin is also equipped with a number of car tools for ensuring further decoration. Inside the vehicle, there are electronic street navigation system and infotainment device for the upgradation of the car.

The fuel efficiency rate is high along with sound reduction mechanism. For this reason, 2012 Nissan GT-RVVIP Edition will ensure 100 percent security and protection of car trippers. Car will not disturb the nature. Nor is it capable of releasing harsh throttle sound. Car wheelbases are tuned with suspension dampers, struts and automatic transmissions. The car is fully equipped with modern car accessories. Ultra light car fibres are used to decorate both exterior and interior portions of the car. At a press conferences, the company’s management committee members have confirmed the release of this fantastic theme car very soon to capture the ME market as part of expansion of the business.

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