2012 Pagani Huayra with Panoramic Design

2012 pagani huayra 2 2012 Pagani Huayra with Panoramic Design

2012 pagani huayra 5 2012 Pagani Huayra with Panoramic Design

2012 pagani huayra 3 2012 Pagani Huayra with Panoramic Design

2012 Pagani Huayra car is not only energy efficient but also fuel economic. If you drive this car, you will be able to save money and fuel as well. The fuel consumption rate is surprisingly low. Adria International Raceway is located in Veneto which lies in the northern Italy. Few days back, a team of well experienced engineers representing Pagani joined the car show for hands-on demonstration. Their cars attracted the spectators who liked the aesthetic quality of the vehicle. Pagani Huayra edition is 4605mm in L X 1169mm HX2036mm W. The size of the wheelbase is 2796mm. The lightweight Pagani Huayra car is easy to care.

In a press note, the Vice President of Pagani Huayra edition has told reporters clearly that this futuristic vehicle is well fitted to both American and European markets. Experts have abided by carbon emission rules perfectly while upgrading the one-off vehicle of Huayra range. This car is well built and eco-friendly. The interior decoration of the car is superb. The color combination of the vehicle is so charming that it will surely soothe eyes of car lovers. Pagani Huayra car has been tuned by installing energy efficient powertrain, automatic transmission, carbon diffuser, exhaust system and dampers. The foldable wing shaped doors of Pagani Huayra edition are beautifully manufactured. Ergonomic steering wheel of the car is easy to operate.

The panoramic view of Pagani Huayra edition is more attractive and glamorous. Properly decorated retractable car seats and infotainment systems of the vehicle are durable and easy to care. The electronic infotainment of the vehicle is efficient to release music with perfection. According to experts this vehicle has durable car upgradation kit. Inside the car there are a number of electronic devices and car tuning tools like infotainment system, steering wheel, street navigation kit, odometer for distance measurement, tire pressure measurement tool along with a dashboard. This car is eco-friendly.

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