2012 Subaru Legacy

2012 Subaru Legacy 1 2012 Subaru Legacy

The 2012 Subaru legacy was showcased at the 2010 la auto show in a brown metallic form that has defined elite style of living standards. The current Subaru legacy devotes a string of sub-models and a couple of 0.5i, 2.5i premium 2.5i limited 2.5gt limited,3.6r and 3.6r premium limited. Every sub-model accommodates a unique interior and majestic exteriors in the overall look, the wood grain model subtles on console and doorways with a finesse in leather upholstery and a distinctive audio quality to offer.

Subaru legacy gives 31 mpg highway and 23 mpg encompassing the city for its fuel utility.

Different types of accessible engines consisting of electric train engine 170-256 Hewlett Packard, 2.5 -3.6 litres, 14 v6. The model exudes a standard basic pattern of 6 speed manual transmission or 5 speed electronic transmission which is automatic.

Subaru legacy is modelled to be accident resistant with higher standards of safety measures.

The list contains traction control, shaped all wheel drive, staying away from accidents vehicle dynamics control system, brake assist, four wheel brakes, tire pressure monitoring system and daytime running lights.

The vehicle has an advanced system which consists of a driver and front passenger airbag double for passenger safety measures, also including side curtain and chair mounted front and side impact.

The majestic model adds strengthening frame physiology, a power absorbing steering column folding, height adjustable front chair mind vices, tethers for child safety brake pedal system, three rear mind vices, child safety door locks and low anchors.

You could rate Honda accord and ford fusion in the same range of vehicles as Subaru for its engine efficiency, look and style.

The ford fusion inherits a 175-263 Hewlett Packard engines, 14 v6 and 2.5-3.5 litres while the Honda Accord has a 14 177-271 Hewlett Packard, 2.4-3.5 litre v6 engine and others too of the same form.

This car has a total satisfaction feel for its owners amd never fails to perform.

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