2012 Volvo C30

2012 volvo c30 Electric 2012 Volvo C30

2012 volvo c30 Electric 5 2012 Volvo C30

2012 volvo c30 Electric 1 2012 Volvo C30

2012 volvo c30 Electric 4 2012 Volvo C30

Volvo has finally introduced the modified C30 Sedan which is supposed to be running with electricity. Volvo has revealed the actual look of their 2012 sedan with certain modifications in the cars they make.

Looks like they finally want to come up with something new and original, we will hope so too. The prices have not been leaked though; it may be between $25000 – $27000. With 2012 setting in, Volvo will introduce a 5 door sedan – MOST LIKELY. Tailgate doors will be the same as per sources, so no change expected in that.

The redesigned five door sedan has a minor changein the taillights and the fronts too. The modifications are very specific andgive the whole car an amazing look. Though the company has not launched anyprototype yet at any Auto Show but they guarantee you that it will be veryelegant and classy.

Powered by a 2.5 litre engine produces 227horsepower and can sprint up to long distances in few seconds. The new C30 also includes anti-lock brake and also mechanical brake assistance is available. About the security, there are airbags both for the front passenger and driver. Rear seater shave curtain airbags at the sides for their safety. Well, if you have kids travelling with you then they provide you with child safety too with an additional LATCH system.

If it is a wintry morning and you are worried to hit the road due to the fog, then this sedan has fog lamps which guide you throughout the way. This sedan can be compared to Volkswagen Golf but is more advances than the latter. It costs $5000 less and delivers 55+ horsepower.

The all new sedan is efficient and takes care of all your needs. A perfect family vehicle which is set to be released in 2012,it will surely win your hearts.

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