2013 Audi A6- More Spacious with Aerodynamic Features

Audi A6 illo front view 2013 Audi A6  More Spacious with Aerodynamic Features

Audi is a world famous car manufacturing unit which has a glamorous performance track record. If you check online updates and feedbacks of customers, you will understand the reason of the acceleration of the popularity of Audi in the international market. Audi has already released A4 variant which is good to look and eco-friendly. However, 2013 A6 of Audi line up will be more dynamic and environment-friendly. The futuristic car will be more fuel economic and majestic in design. This futuristic car will be larger, wider, spacious and more attractive. The color contrast of this A6 variant will be eye-catching and marvelous. The light weight frame of the car is really a matter of attraction. In an interview, company’s CEO has established his views about the upcoming car model by the end of 2013. In relation to technical features and upgradation process, Audi A6 car model will be packed with powerful drive-train, automatic transmission, power train, dampers, exhaust system and carbon diffuser. The car upgradation kit will be revised and modified to increase the efficiency of this futuristic car.

According to engineers, this theme car will have 2.8 liter capacitated V6 power train with variable and easy to maintain valve lifting system along with direct injection kit. This engine delivers 201 hp. This ultra modern vehicle will be capacitated with 3.0T supercharged power plant with the capacity of generating 372 hp insuccession. These engines will be varied and you can decide what sort of power train will be fitted to your car.

In this connection, the attractive spacious car compartment will have fluorescent headlamps, rings at the front to decorate fascia along with trapezoidal grilles and air vents. This car will not produce carbon in the form of fumes in high percentage. This time expert are taking measures to reduce the carbon consumption rates, minimization of release of harsh sound inclusive of strengthening street monitoring system.

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