2014 BMW X5 and X6Variants with Sophisticated Car Tuning Kit

next generation 2014 bmw x5 and x6 previewed 2014 BMW X5 and X6Variants with Sophisticated Car Tuning Kit

In a press release, the management team of BMW has stated with clarity that the company will try its level best to produce crossover vehicles which will be more energy efficient and fuel economic. Cars will have excellent power to run fast without dampening the nature. Carbon emission rate of these two crossovers is comparatively low. Usually these two crossovers are loaded with V6 and V8 engines but this time experts have decided increase the powertrain capacity by adding two more 4 cylinders for the acceleration of horsepower. New powertrain attachment produces 242 hp.

There are other technical specifications such as the automatic transmission, suspension dampers and sophisticated drive-train kit. The interior space of the car is really attractive and marvellous in design as it has been upgraded by installing a number of car accessories and car tuning tools. Retractable car seats plus upholsters of the car are beautifully designed.

These two variants are fuel efficient. Fuel consumption rate is naturally low. In a brief, one of the official spokespersons of the company has pointed out that these cars will be upgraded with electronic infotainment system, electronic street navigation system along with exhaust system. Four wheelbases of the car are wrapped with tire bands. The automatic transmission is able to enhance the smooth channelization of torque from the engine to wheelbases via automatic transmission.

At a press conference, the company’s CEO has stated clearly that these crossovers will be tuned properly so that vehicles will be environment friendly. Carbon is lethal to human health and one should not breathe contaminated air. Keeping in mind the basic needs of car aficionados, a team of specially trained experts have strained every nerve to upgrade the car engine and power generating tools in more scientific way. The car will not pollute air by releasing black smoke.

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