2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept ‘Swan Wing’- A Car Review

2030 mercedes benz aria concept 1 2030 Mercedes Benz Aria Concept ‘Swan Wing’  A Car Review

2030 mercedes benz aria concept 2 2030 Mercedes Benz Aria Concept ‘Swan Wing’  A Car Review

Slavche Tanecski is a student who has nestled his dream with care. He has finally sketched a concept car model which seems to be more attractive and colorful. He wants to enjoy the long car trip during sunny days. He wants to enjoy the nightlife by driving his sophisticated car. 2030 Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept ‘Swan Wing’ designed theme vehicle is the brain child of this sweet boy who likes to unfurl heart to feel natural charisma by flying in the sky like a swan. That’s why, when he thinks, he gets success by designing a concept car which looks bright and marvelous. The legendary style of the concept vehicle is so charming and charismatic that a teenage boy will be over charged in excitement to drive the dream car with pleasure. The Swan wing shaped side doors and properly adjusted rear boot lid are remarkably excellent and elegant. The silvery white color of the new car looks bright and beautiful.

In a close-up conversation, Slavche has expressed his deep intention and ardent wish to pain the car in different way. He has delineated a number of car models and he anticipates the positive impact on general people who love classic elegance and artistic grandeur. The structural aesthete of the vehicle will surely outperform other cars. This talented student studying at Munich University has told reporters that by 2030 this electric vehicle will be seen in the market and car lovers will be ecstatic to taste the liberty in driving this concept car through a broad highway. The overall decoration of the car is excellent. The car compartment is flexible, durable and more attractive because of usage of ultra light carbon trims, side skis, trapezoidal grilles, perfectly designed headlamp casings along with air vents.

The interior decoration of this vehicle will be taken care of especially so that car passengers will feel comfy to undergo car trip without feeling bored. The seating arrangement of the car is excellent. Retractable car seats, upholsters and infotainment system are easy to care. The electronic street nav system in the cockpit of the car is conducive to the betterment of nocturnal street navigation.

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